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MINERVA Net is a registry of publicly shared disease maps projects. Due to the development of the MINERVA Platform, the registry was established to enhance the collaboration of the MINERVA Platforms users. MINERVA Net enables the users to share information about their projects on the central server via dedicated API. This information can be used to query individual MINERVA Platform instances using their API interfaces, to explore and compare contents of different disease maps.

To allow on sharing the projects, the instance must be registered. While registration of the MINERVA instance, MINERVA Net collects:

Importantly, only projects publicly visible on a given instance of the MINERVA Platform can be shared via the registry. This way the registry contains information that is openly accessible.

When registering a project, MINERVA Net collects:

This information becomes available via the MINERVA Net API. Additionally, the registry collects the email address associated with the project to inform about potential communication errors observed by the registry, related to the availability of the project.

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MINERVA Net description in the MINERVA Platform manual


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